Something Borrowed Bricks LEGO® brick pit hire for weddings

Something Borrowed Bricks provide LEGO brick pit hire for weddings - great for keeping the kids (and adults) entertained on your special day!

LEGO brick play pits for wedding day hire

LEGO® Brick Pits For Weddings

Why hire a LEGO brick pit for your wedding? Easy!

  1. Provides a great distraction for kids whilst the adults talk and enjoy the day.
  2. Great fun for adults too, after a few glasses of champagne!
  3. It's a pit of thousands of LEGO bricks - what more reason do you need?!

How does it work?

  1. Let us know your wedding reception's date and the number of guests, including children, and we can advise on the size of brick pit that would be most suitable.
  2. We will deliver the brick pit to your venue, and set it up for you
  3. When you're done, we'll come and collect it!

Let Something Borrowed Bricks bring even more magic to your wedding day with a brick pit full of fun for all of your wedding reception guests.